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Bruce Poliquin Announces for Congress

Our nation is in trouble. Politicians in DC like Jared Golden are empowering people like Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) by keeping their party in power. Current Democrats are pushing our country too far to the left.

We have sailors and soldiers who gave their life to protect our nation from sliding into socialism, and further communism. The Democrats currently running Washington, who have been given the keys by those Democrats supporting their numbers in Congress, are pushing that drive to socialism.

Our country has serious problems and it’s getting worse because liberal politicians with extreme beliefs are making policy decisions that hurt families and our small business job creators here in Maine. They are harming our economy.

I am running for Congress to bring Maine common sense back to Washington.

We have rising inflation and small businesses struggling to survive because Democrats running Washington are attempting to artificially control our economy with free government cash through unemployment benefits which never seem to end. Paying people stay home while thousands of jobs available throughout Maine is wrong.

We have our borders being overrun by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. It is almost as if the borders our troops fought for, the nation our Veterans fought to maintain, does not exist anymore. They are bringing COVID infections and illegal, deadly drugs across the border. Six months ago, Democrats opened our border with Mexico. Since then hundreds of thousands have crossed the border. We are on pace for millions of illegal immigrants this year alone. Our nation is struggling to control a new Delta variant but we have illegals testing positive and being bused all over country. On top of this, Maine has set records for overdose deaths mostly from fentanyl which mostly comes across the southwest border! This doesn’t make sense.

Government promised less expensive health care yet the prices keep going up.

Spending and debt is out of control. Extreme, liberal Democrats are in charge because the Democrats in Washington allow them to be in charge. They see no end to the zeros they will spend, putting our kids and grandkids further into debt.

Then we have liberals pushing an agenda of defunding law enforcement, of opposing our police who put their lives on the line to protect us everyday.

Even more extreme elements are behind Critical Race Theory, CRT. They want to teach kids to treat each other differently based on skin color and tell young, white kids that they are inherently racist just based on how they are born. It is wrong.

We have a Democrat party in power in Washington who wants to restrict and in some cases end our 2nd Amendment Rights.

It cannot continue. It cannot continue.

I was born and raised right here in Maine, right in the middle our state in the Waterville / Oakland area. I have been all over the Second District and fought hard for the Second District in Congress. People know me. They know I have, and I will, fight for them.

That is why I am running for Congress. I am running to bring Maine common sense back to Washington.

P.O. Box 524, Bangor, ME 04402

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