Bruce Poliquin: I Will Always Stand With Maine Workers

Mainers work hard to make a living, including in our restaurant and service industries. They work hard for every dollar they keep.

In November 2016, Maine passed a largely misunderstood ballot referendum eliminating the tip credit. When it passed, full time servers and other restaurant workers across the state immediately felt the devastating impact of the misguided policy. It directly cut workers’ paychecks.

Fortunately, our state legislature saw the flaws of the policy and worked in a bipartisan way to restore the tip credit and protect Mainers’ hard-earned paychecks. Lawmakers quickly put legislation together to repeal a part of the referendum, passing the bill with broad support. This effort even included individuals who had once supported the initiative, but realized the negative consequences it caused when implemented.

This was a pretty remarkable feat in today’s politics: lawmakers of either party putting their differences aside to work together for everyday Mainers and to correct a misguided policy.

Not surprisingly, Jared Golden, one of the most partisan politicians in Augusta, continued to defend this awful policy and place partisan politics over Maine workers. When this bill came to the floor, Golden was one of the most bitter partisans in working to sink it.

When Maine workers were asking him to do the right thing, Jared Golden turned his back. Instead of standing with Mainers who were feeling the impact on their hard-earned paychecks, Golden chose the side of partisan rhetoric.

When our state faces challenges, it’s the duty of our elected officials to work toward solutions, no matter what the politics are.

Tourism is our largest industry in Maine and one of the driving forces of our economy. We are proud to host millions of visitors every year from around the world. For the tens of thousands of workers who make their livings in the industry, I want you to know that I appreciate your hard work.

Best wishes,

Congressman Bruce Poliquin