Standing Up for Maine's Senior Citizens, Including Protection of Social Security and Medicare

My parents are both in their 90s.  As their only living child, I know firsthand the challenges seniors face because I am involved with their care.

When my mom has needed significant medical attention she relied upon Medicare.  They both rely upon Social Security.

As our Congressman, I have always fought to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.  

In my effort to help Maine’s seniors I have taken these steps:

•    Authoring the U.S. House Senior Safe Act, which I successfully passed with bipartisan support, to help protect seniors from being scammed and financially exploited by those who do harm.

•    Supporting LIHEAP funding which many seniors rely upon to stay warm in the winter.

•    Co-Sponsoring the Biomass Thermal Utilization Act which makes it easier for Maine seniors and families to install more affordable heating options while also supporting jobs in Maine’s forest products industry.

•    Introducing the Guaranteed COLA Act which would force the federal government to sell unused buildings and property and use those funds to guarantee COLA increases.

•    Co-Authoring the bipartisan Senior Accessible Housing Act to help seniors live more independently by making home accessibility and other changes more affordable so Maine seniors can safely continue living in their own homes.

•    Opposing FDA changes which would have eliminated paper medication instructions.

•    Working to end the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO which prevent  teachers, firefighters and police officers from receiving their full Social Security benefits.

•    Supporting tax cut Legislation which helps electrical utilities reduce electricity rates and to lower rate increases to help lower seniors electric bills.

•    Working to ensure our Veterans who are Senior Citizens can receive health care closer to home and that the VA is held accountable for medical errors and wait times.

•    Protecting our local hospitals by ensuring they receive reimbursements due from the federal government in a timely manner, providing much needed funding to support their operations.

As the son of Senior Citizens, I see firsthand the challenges and issues our Senior Citizens face.  I will always be a voice in Congress for Maine’s Senior Citizens.