Congressman Bruce Poliquin Officially Qualifies for Re-Election Ballot

Poliquin Submits the Maximum Number of Petition Signatures Allowed with Support from Maine Voters in Every County and More Than 185 Different Towns and Cities in the District

OAKLAND – Today Congressman Bruce Poliquin qualified for re-election on the 2018 ballot by submitting the maximum number of signatures allowed to the Maine Secretary of State’s office.
Only 1,000 verified voter signatures are required.  In total Poliquin collected more than 2,000 signatures across the district and submitted just over the 1,500 maximum number of allowed signatures for the qualification submission.
“I have said time and time again that I put Maine people first,” said Congressman Poliquin. “I am fighting each and every day to help grow Maine’s economy, protect our jobs, ensure higher wages, help our Veterans get the care and respect they have earned, and to ensure the federal government helps – and doesn’t hurt – the people of Maine. From passing Legislation to aid job creation, to fighting unfair trade deals which have harmed Maine workers, to serving on the bipartisan task force to fight the opioid crisis; my focus each and every day is to help Maine.”
Voters from 186 separate towns and cities signed petitions representing voters from all 11 counties in the 2nd Congressional District.  Over 70 volunteers assisted in the arduous task of collecting signatures, witnessing the signatures and notarizing their witness, submitting petitions to local town and city clerks for verification of the voter’s enrollment status, and then returning the forms for full submission to the Maine Secretary of State.
Congressman Bruce Poliquin was elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2016 with a larger margin.


Joe Turcotte