Opposing Bad Trade Deals

Congressman Poliquin stands up for Maine’s families and job creators and opposes massive, unfair and bureaucratic trade deals—like the TPP—that are harmful to Maine.

Congressman Poliquin bucked the Republican establishment and voted, twice, against granting President Obama “fast-track” trade authority.

The Congressman also defied the powerful Washington establishment and lobbying interests and firmly opposes the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) international trade agreement, a massive trade deal brokered behind closed doors by Washington political elites.

“I don’t work for the Republican Party and I certainly don’t work for Washington lobbyists,” said Congressman Poliquin“I work for the families of our 2nd District.

“We need fair trade, not enormous, secret trade deals that hurt Maine workers, job creators and families. That is why I stand with Maine’s families, voting twice against granting the President ‘fast-track’ and opposing the TPP.”

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Joe Turcotte