Poliquin Endorsed By Bipartisan Groups Representing Hundreds of Thousands of Mainers, Golden Relies on Same Partisan Groups as Emily Cain

BELFAST, Maine – While Congressman Bruce Poliquin was busy on the campaign trail meeting with hundreds of constituents and small businesses from Lewiston to Bangor, Jared Golden hosted the same political stunt Emily Cain used before losing in a 10-point defeat.


Congressman Poliquin is endorsed by the Maine Credit Union League, which represents nearly 700,000 Mainers and has endorsed candidates of all parties, including Independent Angus King and Democrat Chellie Pingree.


He is also endorsed by the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and the National Rifle Association—both of which represent tens and tens of thousands of Mainers. The Maine Snowmobile Association has also endorsed Congressman Poliquin.


Jared Golden, instead, is relying solely on partisan union groups, just like Emily Cain did in 2016 before she lost by 10 points.


“While Congressman Poliquin has the endorsement of bipartisan Maine sportsman groups and credit unions that represent hundreds of thousands of Mainers, Jared Golden is relying solely on the same partisan union groups that Emily Cain hung on to before losing by 10 points. It’s like déjà vu,” said Brendan Conley, Poliquin Campaign spokesperson.


Jared Golden refused to speak with the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and has a “D” rating from the NRA.

Brendan Conley