Jared Golden Lies Again: Twice in 24 Hours

Golden, who has supported tax hikes in Augusta and now supports a substantial tax hike on the ballot, “Question 1”, tries, again, to deceive the public and the press

LEWISTON, Maine – After intentionally lying to the public and pushing false information to deceive the press about the 2nd District race debate schedule, Jared Golden is now lying again—less than 24 hours later.

Today, Golden released a video misleading the public into believing that he supports lower taxes. In fact, Golden supported a 3% surtax in Augusta and is now supporting a huge tax hike in Maine on the ballot this fall, “Question 1,” which is opposed by all four gubernatorial candidates.

Brendan Conley, spokesperson for the Poliquin Campaign, said, “It is stunning how confidently Jared Golden can intentionally lie to the People of Maine. Less than 24 hours after being outed as a liar who is pushing demonstrably false information to deceive the press, Jared Golden has a fresh new lie he is pushing, this time trying to cover up his support for tax hikes in Maine. In Augusta, Jared Golden supported a tax hike and he now supports “Question 1,” which is opposed by all four Maine governor candidates of all parties.”

Brendan Conley