Golden Intentionally Lies to the Press and the Public, Pushing Demonstrably False Information

Jared Golden has been outed as a liar by the Bangor Daily News and Tiffany Bond—an independent candidate in the race


LEWISTON, Maine – Jared Golden has been outed as intentionally lying and purposely deceiving the public and the press about the 2nd District race debates.

In August, the Poliquin Campaign released its debate schedule, which did not include the debate hosted by Maine Public.

Yesterday, Jared Golden and the Maine Democratic Party issued false press releases claiming that Congressman Poliquin “pulled out” of the debate. This is demonstrably false. They knew it was false, but they pushed the lie regardless.

Bangor Daily News reporter Michael Shepherd debunked Jared Golden’s lie on Twitter.

Even Tiffany Bond, an independent candidate in the race, outed Jared Golden for lying to the public and to the press, discussing Golden’s false claim on Twitter:

“This has been really bothering me. I was told by NPR when I was booked for this weeks ago that they did not expect @RepPoliquin. I waited yesterday for this statement to be corrected and it wasn't.”

“Errors and miscommunications happen, but in my opinion there is a duty to correct misinformation when you represent people or aspire to, even if it is trivial... I am providing the information that as an invitee, I was affirmatively told when getting booked by NPR that Bruce would not be present so I could make an informed decision with my schedule...I don't know why Golden's campaign made this choice, or why it then yielded pulling from an event that never was presented as anything other than what it is.”

“I will still be there and look forward to having a conversation with you and @willhoar.”

Despite Jared Golden’s lie easily being proven false, Lewiston Sun Journal reporter Steve Collins knowingly ran with it, as he often does, and printed a story, which was circulated and also published by the Portland Press Herald, the Morning Sentinel, and the Kennebec Journal.

Now, apparently, Jared Golden is HIMSELF ACTUALLY backing out of the Maine Public debate, in a striking example of hypocrisy.

Brendan Conley, communications director for the Poliquin Campaign, said, “Jared Golden intentionally lied and purposely tried to deceive the public—that much is crystal clear. He should admit that he intentionally lied, as has been pointed out by select reporters and even a progressive candidate.”

Brendan Conley