Meet Bruce


Bruce Poliquin is from a working class Central Maine family. The son of a teacher and nurse, Bruce was raised to understand public service and hard work.

To attend college, Bruce earned scholarships and worked painting metal roofs, digging sewer lines, and pulling a night shift at the Wyandotte Spinning Mill. After college, Bruce found work helping manage and protect the pensions of workers, including those at Bath Iron Works.

After marrying his hometown sweetheart, tragedy struck. Bruce suddenly lost his wife and raised his son, then a toddler, mostly as a single dad. Goalie for his undefeated Waterville High School hockey team and a former football teammate of Bill Belichick, in addition to succeeding in business Bruce gave back as a volunteer, earning Coach of the Year from Maine’s largest newspaper for youth baseball.

Recommended for the position by Governor Paul LePage, Bruce was selected as Maine’s State Treasurer in 2011. He quickly earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility. Bruce stopped Maine officials from going on lavish trips with Wall Street insiders. Saving thousands of dollars, he forced companies to bid for Maine’s bond work. He pushed to lower construction costs at Maine’s State Housing Authority. He advocated the successful elimination of over $1.5 billion in pension debt. Bruce was a leader in the successful push for Maine’s largest income tax cut in history.

In 2014 the voters in Maine’s 2nd District first elected Bruce to Congress. Bruce quickly became known for his tenacity when fighting for Maine. He helped protect shoe industry jobs from unfair foreign competition, save paper industry jobs from federal regulations, resolve government reimbursements to protect Maine hospitals, and stop federal officials from unfairly targeting Downeast fishing. As a Member of the Financial Services Committee Bruce helped Mainers access affordable, and stable, mortgages and auto loans.

As a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee Bruce stook up for Maine’s Veterans.

Bruce did, and will, push to fix the border, protect Constitutional liberties, balance the federal budget, lower taxes, reduce red tape.

A Member of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, Bruce never wavered in protecting the 2nd Amendment.

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