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Creating Good Paying Jobs, Protecting Our Jobs, and Growing Maine’s Economy

I am not a politician; I am a lifelong job creator.  

I’ve spent most of my career helping create jobs, growing businesses and aiding the economy.  Part of my work also included helping employers like Bath Iron Work secure the pensions of workers.

It is critical the government helps our small businesses and Maine job creators, rather than burdening them with job killing red tape.  

As our Congressman I am working each day to help our economy:

•    Passing Legislation through the House and Senate, and having it signed into law, to require the removal of an outdated deed restriction which was harming economic development in Eastern Maine.

•    Helping protect and secure jobs at Bath Iron Works by ensuring funding for needed Navy Destroyers which aid our national security.

•    Successfully fighting unfair trade, achieving significant rulings from the International Trade Commission against Chinese subsidies harming Maine forest products jobs in Aroostook County and jobs at Auburn Manufacturing.

•    Opposing the TPP trade deal and fast track authority with Asia which would, on balance, harm Maine jobs.

•    Saving hospital jobs at our local regional hospitals by pushing to have federal government reimbursements issued, on time.

•    Pushing legislation to allow rural electric cooperatives access credit to better serve small business job creators.


•    Voting to kill the death tax which harms Maine small businesses and especially our farms.

•    Supporting expedited natural gas permitting to increase the supply and reduce costs for Maine job creators and residents.

•    Introducing Legislation to aid family forest products and trucking businesses which wish to train the next generation in the business.

•    Personally helping welcome hundreds of new jobs to Maine including OnProcess jobs in Belfast, Collaborative Consulting jobs in Central Maine, and Wayfair jobs in Bangor.

•    Passing bipartisan Legislation to protecting clamming and digging jobs around Acadia National Park which were threatened by an encroaching federal bureaucracy.

•    Authoring and passing Legislation, including the Small Business Capital Formation Enhancement Act, to help entrepreneurs and job creators gain the support needed to grow.

•    Supporting efforts to limit red tape on our Community Banks and Credit Unions so they have freedom to provide lending to local small businesses.

•    Providing support for Maine blueberries by utilizing existing federal programs to protect jobs in the industry.

•    Keeping local restaurants, motels and Inns located in major tourism centers in business during the travel season by assisting with the temporary workers needed to keep the doors open.

•    Backing significant tax reductions which allow Maine electricity utilities keep rates low, and lower some rates, which aids job creators which rely upon fairly priced electricity.

•    Protecting our Lobster industry by opposing restrictions on the sale of lobsters in Europe.

•    Working to support legislative changes to encourage apprenticeship in the logging business which still employs thousands of Maine people.

•    Fighting bad policy like the medical device tax, which increased health care costs for consumers and threatened hundreds of Maine jobs at Hardwood Products in Guilford, Maine.

•    Fighting the change in federal regulations which would have eliminated paper notices for medication used by seniors and cost hundreds of jobs in Madawaska’s paper mill.

•    Creating jobs along our border while improving our national security by helping speed up hiring by the Border Patrol and opening up more jobs to Maine people.

A growing economy helps all Maine people and I will continue to put Maine first by fighting for Maine jobs.