Fighting the Opioid Crisis and Accompanying Crime in our State

I lost a brother who I loved due to substance abuse.

Substance abuse, and especially the opioid crisis, is impacting nearly every citizen in the State of Maine.

We must not let up in our efforts to deal with this problem.  That’s why I have taken these steps:

•    Serving as a founding member of the Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Heroin Epidemic.

•    Joining efforts of the Congressional Victims Rights Caucus.

•    Co-Sponsoring and pushing the adoption of the CRADLE ACT to provide life safe care to addicted newborns.

•    Meeting with local law enforcement in Maine to learn about what can be done to support their efforts to thwart the addictive drug trade.

•    Supporting funding for Drug Courts, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, the Anti-Heroin Task Force, and Opioid Prescription Overdose Prevention.

•    Visiting local treatment centers in Maine to learn more and provide support for those who are working to get clean and free from drugs.

•    Holding Opioid Town Hall Meetings to provide resources and discuss solutions with law enforcement and treatment providers.

•    Supporting and co-sponsoring the STOP ABUSE ACT, a comprehensive eradication approach to the heroin epidemic including best practice approaches for law enforcement and treatment.

As someone who’s family has been directly impacted by the death of a loved one due to substance abuse I will not give up on this fight.  We can’t give up.